On Open Book Toronto

Jack spoke with Open Book Toronto about Take Five, book 5 in the Crang Mystery series.


Open Book:
Readers seem to love Crang’s willingness to bend the law in the greater search for justice. Why do you think we love sleuths with their own moral code so much? And do you think this is an accurate description of Crang?

Jack Batten:
As for Crang himself, my only problem was with his age. If I’d made him twenty years older, he would have been in his sixties and not spry enough for some of the antics I put him through. So I fudged the age and made him no older than fifty.

I never think too much about Crang’s moral code. Neither does he. Like all criminal lawyers, his job is to give his clients, who are more likely than not guilty of one crime or another, the best representation he’s capable of. If that means cutting a few corners, Crang’s game for whatever gets the job done. He thinks corners are made to be cut. This is what passes for his moral code.


Read the entire interview here.

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